Karthik is a Web developer with nine years of experience in Information Technology. He is specialized in Twitter app development in PHP, MySQL & AJAX. Karthik has developed large scale websites powered by real time data from Twitter Streaming API.

He’s passionate about programming. Space reading, movies, sports are his other interests. He tweets at @yemkay and blogs here.

Do drop a message, if you have a project idea.


Tweet Memo

Real-time reminder app built on Twitter platform.

Powered by Twitter User Streams API.


It’s a real-time Twitter viewer turned online Football game. Register as a player, tweet during live matches and earn points.

Powered by Twitter Streaming API. Aggregated about 180,000 tweets per hour during the FIFA World Cup final match.

Celeb Central

It’s a Twitter aggregator for the latest celebrity gossip, photos, videos, and other entertainment news. It also allows users to create a follower list to track favorite celebrities. Powered by Twitter Streaming API and many other services like TwitPic, YouTube & Topsy.

Mall Tweets

MallTweets is a Twitter-based platform that connects shoppers with malls and their stores to enhance the overall mall shopping experience. Follow your favorite malls and stores on malltweets like following profiles on Twitter. Malltweets also aggregates geocoded tweets posted from the malls. Only Houston malls are listed now.

Who Follows Whom

Find common followers and friends of two or more twitter profiles. Discover new profiles to follow using this handy application.


Twitter powered iPhone Apps Trends and Reviews

Watashi Ha

Twitter Japan Directory, Translated


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Web 2.0
  • AJAX & jQuery
  • CodeIgniter
  • Twitter Streaming API, Firehose
  • Integration with Twitter Signin


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